Verse of the day from the SNB Company

Polyurethane rollers are small in diameter, but very important.
You can come and look at them or buy them in absentia.
Lifts and electric forklifts, rockers -
Can't do without them. The work will stall.
Coating on top comes in different colors,
Which is pleasing to the eye. There is not always an omen.
Some manufacturers so designate the density of the material,
But this figure does not always correspond to reality.
Read the specifications to understand. Without false mysticism.
Polyurethane rollers are waiting for you in the store.
Visit us, friends, fill your cart.
Let you have no trouble and no business.
We wish you victories. Buy bravely.
Guarantee. We bring the best products from China.
And they are always scarce,
Because the parts will sell out.
In the heat or in the cold, you can't get any better.
The performance of this elastomer
The best there is. Take it as an example.
You can't get enough of these amazing properties.
And you'll immediately feel comfortable and secure in your warehouse.
Resistant to aggressive agents and the environment:
To oils, petrol, chemicals,
To other possible nonsense.
Lasts five times longer faithfully than, alas, rubber.
Polyurethane rollers ready to go in the bin.

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