Hardware wheels and castors

Apparatus wheels and castors are used in the food industry, supermarkets, various commercial equipment.

Hardware wheels and castors are made from high quality polypropylene or polyurethane wheels with grey thermoplastic rubber tread. Advantages of this wheel include low cost, smooth running, wear resistance and good damping during travel. The gray color tread doesn't leave marks on the floor surface.Also to the hardware wheels and castors are wheels and castors for furniture, office chairs, sofas, cabinets and other furniture. Apparatus wheels and castors are intended for application on various trolleys, mobile medical equipment, in food and industrial shops. They are used indoors and designed for travel speeds up to 4 km/h. They have a low rolling resistance. They are characterized by good anti-vibration and shock absorption properties. Do not chafe or stain the floor surface. In normal conditions of use, they are low-maintenance and have a long service life. They are perfectly suited for use with hardware wheels on trolleys.

Hardware wheels 30 SMART series

Hardware wheels and castors Series 30 SMART is an economical version of wheels which are used on various equipment with low load. The wheel disc is made of polypropylene and the wheel tyre is made of elastic rubber. The wheel uses a sliding bearing (hub), which is protected by metal caps.

Hardware wheels The 31 SMART series has an excellent design and is very popular with customers. The disc is made of polypropylene, the contact layer is grey thermoplastic rubber.

Wheels and castors made of thermoplastic grey rubber series 32 STANDART Suitable for use in pharmaceutical and medical facilities, food and beverage stores, industrial warehouses and supermarkets. The wheel base is made of polypropylene and the contact layer of grey thermoplastic rubber which does not leave marks on the surface.

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