Polyamide wheels

Polyamide wheels

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Polyamide wheels

Polyamide is a widely used material for production of wheels. Polyamide products are highly resistant to abrasion, both mechanically and thermally. Also they successfully resist negative influence of alkalis. Thanks to this, polyamide wheels can be used in a large number of applications.

Our product range includes products from various manufacturers. Models differ in load capacity, rolling resistance coefficient, appearance and other parameters. Diameter may vary from 80 to 200 millimeters in nylon models, heavy-duty wheels sometimes reach 250 mm. In the SNB Company catalogue you are guaranteed to find the right wheels for your production.

We can also find products for you with non-standard characteristics. For example, extremely high working loads. You can do this by placing an order with your account manager. He will write down your wishes for your future model and notify you when it arrives in the catalogue.

Advantages of polyamide wheels

Wheels made of polyamide have a number of distinguishing features in comparison with products made of other materials. Their main advantages include:

  • High resistance to temperature fluctuations. Of course, it doesn't compare to heat-resistant models. But the ability to withstand a range from -20 to +80 degrees is also an excellent indicator. This type of wheel is suitable for use in the vast majority of industries;
  • Resistance to chemically aggressive environments. Polyamide successfully copes with exposure to substances such as alcohol or alkali;
  • No marks when moving or braking. For rooms with expensive flooring, a corresponding streak when rolling the trolley is not permissible;
  • High density rating. This means that the wheel will not deform, even with prolonged use. It retains its smooth surface and shape after months of use;
  • High load capacity. The working load of most series in our assortment exceeds 500 kg. And the polyamide heavy duty wheel can handle objects weighing up to a tonne.

If you decide to purchase wheels, polyamide is also a great solution due to its ease of maintenance. The smooth surface makes cleaning easy and quick. Hot steam can be used to remove dirt.

Areas of application

Due to its advantages, the polyamide wheel is in high and constant demand. It is used in many applications, e.g:

  • Enterprises of chemical industry;
  • Medical and research institutions;
  • Food production. For example, dairy shops.

Also polyamide wheels for trolleys can be used in construction works, logistics, trade. Such popularity is due to the technical characteristics of the models. High load capacity together with resistance to aggressive environmental influences is the key to efficient operation.

Types of polyamide wheels depending on the type of support

In our catalogue you will find non-swivelling and swivelling polyamide wheel supports. The first ones are suitable for heavy-duty models, which are designed for a pressure of 500-1000 kg. When working with such objects develops a low speed. Therefore, high maneuverability is not required. The non-swivelling wheels are required precisely for such variants.

The second option is required for small or medium sized trolleys. A pivoting support will make steering much easier and give increased manoeuvrability to the trolley. You can also attach a brake to the wheel to keep the trolley securely in place.

Why order wheels from us

The SNB Company offers a large selection of polyamide wheels. All thanks to cooperation with major manufacturers. We have contracts with companies from both Europe and Asia. The assortment of the shop is regularly updated with new models, whose technical characteristics are superior to the older series.

At the same time, their price is quite affordable. We give our customers a choice of budget models, products with non-standard parameters, goods from global brands. You can choose wheels according to your budget and needs.

If necessary, our personal manager will help you. He will consult you and suggest the most suitable model. You can also learn from him how to make an order, delivery and payment. To do this, specify your phone number in the feedback form. Our employee will contact you during working hours.


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