Verse of the day from the SNB Company

Verse of the day from the SNB CompanyThe wheels for the wheelbarrow took so long to find:
At the market, at the firms... We're all tired.
A large supermarket arose in front of us.
Of course we will. Everyone's been looking forward to it.
There's usually everything there. Let's go there.
Goods of any large selection always.
But we've been around, we can't find it.
We met a lot of things on the way.
Men's shirts, and women's slippers,
The office files are stacked up tightly.
A robe, costume jewelry, different waters.
And they sell them regardless of fashion.
Колеса для тачки мы ищем упрямо.
A daughter and her mother are walking hand in hand in front of us.
And he's crying, sobbing, wanting candy so badly.
My mother pulls me by the hand: "Let's go home."
And it's a shame about the kid, you can't intervene.
It's part of parenting - she believes.
Anyway, we're walking out of the store with nothing.
Wheelbarrow wheels – пустая корзина.
We're dead. Tired. Very hungry.
No words. Silence. Emptiness. Dot.
And if you think with your head.
On the site you will find the product you are such.
There's no point in running anywhere at all.
And lying in bed, you can order everything.
What better way to spend that time?
Everyone has family and friends, too.
And there's always a lot to do.
So there's no need to rush. Wait a minute.
And you'd better not be trotting through life.
Usually these runs are, oh, disinterested.
Take care of yourself, the baby, and your husband.
A tired specimen like that, who needs it?

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