Колесо поворотное из полипропилена с крепежной панелью 2002-ST-080-Р - Колеса для тележек. СНБ Компани

Polypropylene swivel wheel with fixing plate 2002-ST-080-P

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Brand: KAMA
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Wheel: Wheel is injection molded from high quality white polypropylene. Slide bearing. Wheels are manufactured from virgin material. Wheel diameter: 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 160mm, 175mm, 200mm, Load capacity: 100-280kg Bracket: Pressed sheet steel, galvanized and chrome plated, double row ball bearing in swivel assembly. The bearing is protected by a plastic dust cap. Wheel axle with bolt. The brake mechanism, mounted on brackets, locks the swivel unit and at the same time locks the wheel rotation. All brake system components are made of metal. Operating characteristics: Polypropylene wheels have high mechanical strength and low rolling resistance, they are corrosion resistant and resist many aggressive chemicals and compounds. The castors are easy to clean because of their smooth surface. Wheels and castors series "20" are used in catering, cheese and sausage departments. They are also used in medicine and in various laboratory and technological equipment.

Wheel diameter, mm80
Site size, mm105х80
Distance between holes, mm80х60
Hole size, mm8х14

Crown height, mm

Carrying capacity,kg




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