Колесо неповоротное из полиамида “LARGE” 2207-LR-100-B - Колеса для тележек. СНБ Компани

Колесо неповоротное из полиамида “LARGE” 2207-LR-100-B

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Колесо неповоротное из полиамида “LARGE” – изготовлено методом литья из полиамида. Используется в агрессивной среде (химические производства, магазины, строительство).

is injection moulded from high quality "polyamide 6" in white. The wheel is fitted with two ball bearings. Only virgin materials are used in the production of polyamide. No secondary raw materials are allowed.

Performance characteristics: Polyamide heavy duty wheels have high mechanical strength and low rolling resistance, they are corrosion resistant and resist many aggressive chemicals and compounds. Wheels and castors of the "22" series are used in construction industry, chemical production, lifting machines and various transport equipment. Of all the heavy duty wheels and castors, the "22" series has the lowest price offer and is used extensively on scaffolding and equipment for transporting glass and its derivatives. The "22" series wheels are effectively used exclusively on level concrete and poured floors.

Wheel diameter, mm100
Platform dimensions, mm105х80
Distance between centres of fixing holes, mm80х60
Total height, mm127
Carrying capacity, kg300


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