Колесо термостойкоe из алюминия с поворотной панелью 5402-TR-080-R - Колеса для тележек. СНБ Компани

5402-TR-080-R swivel plate heat resistant aluminium wheel

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Heat resistant aluminium wheel with swivel plate - heat resistant wheel made of high quality aluminium. Sliding bearing, grease nipple in the wheel hub. The contact surface of the wheel has a spherical shape.

Bracket: The special heat-resistant bracket is made of pressed steel, galvanized and polished. Double-row ball bearing in the swivel unit. The spacing of the balls in the cage is defined so that the metal of the bracket does not interfere with the functional operation of the swivel mechanism when it expands due to temperature.

Operating characteristics: The "54" series of heat-resistant aluminium wheels and castors are designed for use in food processing and bakery operations. They are used indoors and are designed for travel speeds of up to 4 km/h. The wheels are resistant to many aggressive substances and compounds. In terms of wear resistance and surface stability, the wheels are mid-range between thermoplastic resin wheels and cast iron wheels.

Heat-resistant aluminium wheels are treated with Wolfrakote top paste (from -25˚C to +1000˚C, after +200˚C it works as dry lubricant). The paste contains hydrocarbon oil and inorganic solid lubricants. The paste does not contain lead, nickel, cadmium, barium and halogens. It has a food grade approval. Paste is commercially available. Packaged in containers from 2 to 750 g.

Wheel diameter, mm80
Platform dimensions, mm100×80
Distance between centres of fixing holes, mm80×60
Total height, mm109
Carrying capacity, kg150


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