Колесо поворотное термостойкое с крепежной панелью 5102-TR-160-R - Колеса для тележек. СНБ Компани

Колесо поворотное термостойкое с крепежной панелью 5102-TR-160-R

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Heat-resistant swivel wheel with fixing plate - heat-resistant made of special phenolic composition with the addition of special fibers, molded under high pressure and high temperature.

Bracket: The special heat-resistant bracket is made of pressed steel, galvanized and polished. Double-row ball bearing in the swivel unit. The interval between the balls in the cage is determined so that the metal of the bracket does not interfere with the functional operation of the swivel mechanism when it expands due to temperature. The swivel unit can be disassembled for preventive cleaning of the mechanism parts, which are treated with heat-resistant grease. The heat-resistant grease prevents corrosion of the ball cage and burnout of the arm's zinc coating. Bolt-on wheel axle.

Operating characteristics: The "51" series heat-resistant wheels and castors are designed for use in food processing plants and bakeries. They are used indoors and are designed to operate at a travel speed of up to 4 km/hour. Wheel are resistant to water and most organic solvents, oils, acids and many other aggressive environments; they are non-toxic when exposed to high temperatures and open fire; they are certified for application in food industry and in other areas with the working temperature up to +280˚Ñ (for a short time up to +300˚Ñ). Wheels provide reliable operation in cold stores at temperatures down to -40˚C. Moreover, they keep their efficiency in case of a thermal shock (sudden rise or drop of temperature) as well as when the temperature rises up to +350˚Ñ for 60 seconds. The wheels are gentle to the floor surface.

Wheel diameter, mm160
Platform dimensions, mm140х110
Distance between centres of fixing holes, mm105х80
Total height, mm195
Carrying capacity, kg250
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