Колесо неповоротное “Standart” с крепежной панелью 4407-ST-250-B - Колеса для тележек. СНБ Компани

Колесо неповоротное “Standart” с крепежной панелью 4407-ST-250-B

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Brand: MARBA
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Non-swiveling "Standart" wheel with 44 seriesretainer plate with yellow polyritic contact layer. Wheel hardness 91 Shore A.

The 44 series reinforced wheels have 3 types of brackets: STANDART (pressed sheet steel), LARGE (medium reinforced), EXTRA LARGE (reinforced).

Suitable for use on any flat surface, including tile, concrete and poured floors. The "44" series is widely used by manufacturers and users of various technological equipment. Wheels of series "44" are used in chemical, food, light industry and automotive industry. In various laboratory, construction equipment, as well as equipment for processing and transportation of glass.

Wheel diameter, mm250
Platform dimensions, mm135×110
Distance between centres of fixing holes, mm105×80
Total height, mm290
Carrying capacity, kg400


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