Колесо поворотное усиленное 1702-LR-160-B - Колеса для тележек. СНБ Компани

Колесо поворотное усиленное 1702-LR-160-B

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Колесо поворотное усиленное. Основание колеса изготовлено из алюминия. В колесе установлены два прецизионных шариковых подшипника. Эластичная литая резиновая шина изготовлена из специальной резиновой смеси и вулканизирована на алюминиевое основание. Твердость 68±2 Shore A.

Performance characteristics: Wheels and castors made of aluminium with elastic rubber tyres are designed for use on all types of surfaces. The wheel features low rolling resistance, high wear resistance and excellent anti-vibration properties. The wheel provides absolute floor safety and low running noise. The swivel castors of this series can be equipped with various braking systems.

Rollers of series "17" are widely used in various types of warehousing and lifting equipment. They are successfully used on trolleys for the transport of glassware and construction equipment. They are used both indoors and outdoors and are designed for speeds up to 4 km/h. They are resistant to environmental influences, require little or no maintenance and have a long service life.

Wheel diameter, mm160
Platform dimensions, mm135х110
Distance between centres of fixing holes, mm105х80
Total height, mm202
Carrying capacity, kg350


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