Колесо поворотное STANDART с отверстием 4305-ST-200-R - Колеса для тележек. СНБ Компани

Колесо поворотное STANDART с отверстием 4305-ST-200-R

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Колесо поворотное STANDART с отверстием – основание колеса выполнено из полиамида белого цвета. Контактный слой из полиуретана красного цвета. Твердость колеса 96 Shore A. В колесе установлен подшипник скольжения.

Bracket: Pressed sheet steel, zinc-plated and chromed, double-row ball bearing in swivel unit. The bearing is protected by a plastic dust cap. Wheel axle on bolt.

Performance characteristics: Polyurethane wheels and castors are used on even surfaces. They are successfully used on tiled, concrete and poured floors. The contact layer is resistant to certain petroleum products, mineral oils and weak acids. The wheel has a high load capacity and wear resistance. Wheels of series "43" have the most favorable ratio of wheel value to weight of transported cargo with loads per wheel up to 300 kg. For this reason the "43" series is most widely spread among manufacturers of different equipment. Wheels made of polyurethane are applied in chemical, food, light, woodworking industries. On various laboratory, technological and construction equipment.

Diameter of the centre fixing hole16,5
Roller offset62
Total height228
Load capacity350


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